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Broiler Finisher

This is fed to poultry birds from day old up to the 8th week of life, or after attaining 750g in body weight.
It is a highly dense diet, well-balanced nutritionally and of utmost importance in the development of the birds atthe early stage.

The different forms (mash, crumbled) of the feed is simply to address the matter of choice by the farmers.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Organice Food Providing Company

Enhanced Growth and Vitality

Grower mash and pellet feeds are tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of young poultry, promoting optimal growth, muscle development, and overall vitality.

Consitent Nutrient Intake

The uniform nutrient distribution in pellet feeds prevents selective eating, ensuring that every bird receives a balanced diet for even growth and reduced nutrient deficiencies.

Strengthened Immunity

Enriched with immune-boosting elements, these feeds support disease resistance, minimizing health risks and reducing the need for excessive interventions.