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Layer Combo

The Layer mash is a well-balanced diet; rich in proteins, energy, vitamins/minerals, and essential amino acids. It is fed to the birds from the 20th week of life all through the entire laying period.

Formulated to suit the needs of the laying birds, this feed enhances the peak of egg production to start early and last for a long duration.
Good quality eggshell is maintained also, during the laying period.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Organice Food Providing Company

Nourishing Health:

Experience the benefits of our 100% natural layer mash feed that's designed to support your poultry's optimal health, leading to consistent egg production and strong eggshell quality.

Precision Feeding

Utilize our advanced modern equipment to provide accurate portion control of our organic layer mash feed, minimizing wastage and maximizing nutrient uptake for your hens.

Superior Quality

Elevate your poultry products with our nutrient-rich feed, resulting in premium meats and eggs from content, healthy hens that reflect exceptional taste and quality.